Month: März 2014

Reading Recommendations

Here are some new valuable thoughts and articles that should be worth checking out: Robert Seawright with a proposition for good judgement, criticism for fully-automated investment processes and the risk of fooling yourself. On the change of Warren Buffet’s investment philosophy and how a price that exceeds book value can be a good or a […]

Value essentials: „The Outsiders, Eight unconventional CEOs and their radically rational Blueprint for Success“

This post originates by a comment of reader S., who has mentioned the book „the Outsiders, Eight unconventional CEOs“. Actually the book review was  my first blog post which I ever had accomplished, and MMI was so kind to publish it in his outstanding blog. As this book is really worth reading here is the […]


This is the continuation of our analysis of the Vetropack Holding.   At first, we will show you the strategic positioning of the company by giving you a geographical overview including Vetropack’s and competing sites. Keep in mind that for most products the maximum transport distance is 150 km. We also added the total sales per […]

Special Situation: CARMAT S.A.

This is a rather unusual post for us, because it’s event-driven. Carmat S.A. is a 2008 founded company that produces advanced biological materials. The founder of the company is the 80 year-old surgeon Alain Carpentier who invented the scientific Carpentier-Edwards ® heart valves in the year 1968, which are the most used in the world. […]

Value Essentials: Margin of Safety

VALUE ESSENTIALS: MARGIN OF SAFETY (SETH KLARMAN)   This post is essentially going to cover the most important points of the well-known “Margin of Safety” by Seth Klarman. It might be just as useful for people new to the topic as to those who have read it several times and would like a short summary. […]