Looking back at 2015 – Happy new year!



Dear readers,


a happy new year to all of you! Here is an overview of our main investment ideas of 2015 and their performance:




Our three investable ideas fortunately did well this year and we are happy if you trusted us with those. These are other stocks we have talked about, but not invested in:




After one major negative surprise which had to be booked out worthless, our company portfolio performed at 11.2% this year. Needless to say, one mistake can really hurt sometimes, but is usually a good lesson. The negative surprise was Globo plc where we met the management and visited the HQ without a notice in advance. Afterwards we established a half position as we where not 100% convinced, but the potential upside seemed so high. One key lesson was to trust our negative checklist and not to invest into a company when a certain threshold is reached. The only other negative portfolio contributor is our top pick for 2016 where we invested a little bit to early and which is now ~25% cheaper.


Overall, we are thankful for about 40,000 page views in 2015 with more than 1,600 on a single day. Our readers base has reached more than 500 this year. We also thank our top referring sites for 2015 which were: valueandopportunity.com, valuewalk.com, twitter.com, cornerofberkshireandfairfax.ca and marketfolly.com.


The best books of the year 2015, and certainly a good read for 2016 are:

  1. Superforecasting – The art and science of prediction
  2. Creativity Inc. – Overcoming the Unseen Forces that Stand in the Way of True Inspiration (Disney was next to Infinion the first stock of Nils in the age of 9)
  3. The everything store – Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon


At the end of June, Nils will sit his third level CFA while I will be doing my first level as well as hopefully completing my master’s degree and my thesis at HEC Paris.


We wish you all a successful year 2016 and hope to get as many great comments and feedback as last year!

Nils & Felix

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