Why we blog and what we do – Happy New Year!

First of all a big thank you to all readers of the year 2013! We received many emails with questions about what we are doing and why, therefore we think that we should answer a few of them in public.


What is the goal of this blog?

Our goal is to find quality businesses that earn high returns on capital and possess identifiable competitive advantages. We believe individual investors must use their advantage over institutional investors to take a long-term time horizon and be patient when markets are overvalued. We think of each share of a company’s equity as a part of the business itself; we feel like owners and strive to behave like an owner in our investment operation.


Which philosophy are we following?

We try to follow a core value investing philosophy (Buffet/Munger, Seth A. Klarman). And we have started this blog to get feedback on our ideas, to improve our investment process, reflect what we have written and if this still holds. We think that keeping a written record of all our investments and our thinking process will help us to look back and hopefully help us to learn from our mistakes.


What does this blog promise?

For this reason this blog promises to present independent investment ideas and track their development over time. Investing has been our true passion for years and we have enjoyed every minute to bring this art to perfection since we began.

Therefore: Thanks again to everyone who has read this blog, provided feedback, and helped us making 2013 the most fun year we have had in our investing career. We hope that www.frenzel-herzing.com/blog/ will be at your reading list in 2014.


What do we hope to get from our readers?

Because we are all human, we make mistakes in our everyday life and in investing as well, that’s why we hope that our readers help us to discover these mistakes and/or give us some insight in their findings. So please feel free to email us at info [AT] frenzel-herzing.com and share investment ideas or comments! We try to experience a lifetime of learning and look forward to sharing our ideas with you and improving our abilities through this blog!

Stay tuned, because there are great things to come in the year 2014. Happy new year to all of our current followers, as well as those who might join next year!


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