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Dear followers, the time has come again for our weekly link collection. This time featuring an enlightening article on management compensation, how Charlie Munger picks stocks, seven patterns of inefficiency when pricing a business, some thoughts from the Brooklyn Investor and an ‚Economist‘ comment on John Nash’s nobel price 1994, in remembrance of his great […]

Happy Easter! Some useful links and some thoughts.

Dear followers, first of all, we want to wish happy easter to all of those who celebrate! As you know, we share some useful reading from time to time. These are some easter eggs that we think you might like: Credit Suisse on merging fundamental and quantitative analysis: The article starts with a Kasparov Quote: “Weak human […]

Reading Recommendations

Dear followers! Here are once again a couple of recent links out of different areas that we found interesting. Reminiscences of a Stock Blogger: An investment blog you should possibly take a look at: http://reminiscencesofastockblogger.com/ And another one (The Red Corner) that you might already know: http://quinzedix.blogspot.de/ An article on purifier replacement filters: How the razor blade […]

Weekly Links

After I spend a week in Omaha to attend a German value investor conference and the show of Buffett and Munger, we have a couple of more ideas to work on and even more valuable readings. Overall I can say that this week was a unique experience and I have to be deeply grateful to […]

Reading Recommendations and Announcement

Once again, we share our most useful lecture with you, this week you might want to take some more time than usual:   An outstanding student investment newsletter from the Columbia Business School: http://www8.gsb.columbia.edu/valueinvesting/sites/valueinvesting/files/Graham%20%26%20Doddsville%20-%20Issue%2020%20-%20Winter%202014.pdf   An exponentially growing company in a very competitive field: http://moatology.com/2014/02/20/optimizerx-a-little-company-in-the-sweet-spot-of-a-massive-industry/   And, as we like to do, we give you […]

Weekly Links

More warning signs are rising, companies margins are at their peeks: „A slowdown in profit growth would hardly be surprising, given that profits are at their highest as a proportion of American GDP since the second world war. But that points to another oddity. On the best long-term measure, the cyclically-adjusted price-earnings ratio (which averages […]